Student-Centric Learning

Addressing the knowledge and employment opportunity gaps for first-generation college students is at the heart of our programs.


PCF offers student-centered training programs throughout the year that focus on academic excellence and career success to meet the unique needs of first-generation college students. Bridging knowledge gaps that limit workforce readiness and employment opportunities is at the core of our efforts. Offering access to business professionals and experiences that go beyond the classroom is critical in helping our scholars reach their goals.

Many first-generation students are unaware of the range of professions that are available, and many are unprepared to enter the job market, due to reasons beyond their control. By volunteering your time and talent, you are helping empower these students with experiences that can enhance their skill-building knowledge and increase their efficacy so that they can see a path to becoming first-generation professionals.


“I am currently in a Master’s program while working full-time as a data analyst. As the first in my family to earn a college degree, I realized that I would need to be very intentional if I were to reach my academic and professional goals. So, I took advantage of every training PCF offered. These learnings were a huge part of my professional development as they were able to fill so many of the knowledge gaps I had. I am happy to say that I am embracing life after college thanks to PCF and their volunteers!”

Jose Enrique Corado
UC Riverside
B.S. Mathematics

Success in College and Beyond