Internship Opportunities

In today’s job market, it’s not enough for a college student to graduate with a degree. Students need work experience to prepare them for a career.

To meet this need PCF enhanced its student wraparound services in 2017 to include a Career Services Department. This program is focused on assisting scholars to successfully transition from academia into the workforce through a series of career-focused programs, including internship placement.

High-Impact Internships

Career readiness and workforce awareness are at the center of this program. We understand how critical work experience is for our scholars when competing for career-focused positions. As such we assist scholars in the securing summer internships each year that are focused on enhancing their understanding of….

  • corporate culture
  • professional etiquette
  • industry knowledge specific to their career focus area
  • the types of career opportunities available
  • showcase the skills employers are looking for


“I secured three engineering internships in the construction industry during college. Through these internships I gained insights that you can’t get in the classroom. These opportunities led to a post-graduation employment offer, one of which I accepted. I am thankful for the assistance I received from Career Services in helping me learn how to make the most of each opportunity, as these are areas where my family was unable to help me. I now have the tools I need to navigate the real world!”

Angel Hernandez
San Jose State,
BS, Civil Engineering

Success in College and Beyond