Mentors are caring adult professionals who serve as allies and advisors to help scholars navigate through college and beyond.

Navigating college as a first-generation student can be challenging. That’s why The Peninsula College Fund matches every scholar with a caring adult professional who provides social/emotional, academic and career guidance and support while scholars pursue their undergraduate degree and find a job that aligns with their career goals.

Mentors, volunteers with a variety of industry expertise, all share a deep belief in the power of education to elevate and help bridge the opportunity gap for first-generation students. Scholars and mentors alike often cite these long-term relationships as both rewarding and impactful.

PCF is proud to serve our community

  • 265

    Active mentors

  • 400+

    Students served since 2005

  • 90%

    6 Year Graduation rate

Frequently Asked Questions

PCF mentors are volunteers (working professionals or retirees) who are passionate about supporting first-generation college students. Mentors are required to go through an application and interview process.

  • Would my mentor be in the same career field that I am interested in?

    Potentially. We match students and mentors based on their career interests as well as their personality compatibility. However, due to the varying pool of our volunteers from year to year, we may not be able to provide a perfect career match for our scholars.

  • Do I have to meet in-person with my mentor?

    Prior to heading to college, PCF asks scholars to meet with their mentor in-person (if you both are local) to begin building the foundation of the mentor-mentee relationship. Once you are away at college, you may be in a different city than your mentor, therefore, check-ins can be made through phone calls, texts, emails, video calls, etc.

  • How many times do I connect with my mentor a month?

    You are expected to connect with your mentor 1-2 hours a month. This might depend on you and your mentor’s availability.

  • Who do I contact if I have issues with my mentor?

    PCF encourages you to address any issues/concerns directly with your mentor. If you’re not comfortable or if you and your mentor are not able to resolve the issue(s), you should contact your College Services Program Coordinator to discuss your current situation.

  • Can scholars get a new mentor or be rematched with a different mentor?

    While we try to make a strong match between scholars and mentors, we understand that situations change. Scholar and mentor rematches take place after a careful evaluation of the current situation.

Success in College and Beyond