PCF offers a comprehensive and support-based approach to helping students achieve their education and career goals. Hear why our students and community supporters believe in our impactful work.

The Peninsula College fund became like a second family to me.
- Prescilla P., PCF Alum (UC Santa Barbara, 2013)

Every year, PCF brings professionals to practice mock interviews, they provide networks for summer internships, and they have a great mentoring program. This is an amazing organization that has helped many students, including myself, continue their education and to develop into the great leaders of tomorrow.
- Keneisha P., PCF Scholar

The staff is a "Dream Team," they provide a wonderful support system for the students to help them obtain the skills to make their college experience a little smoother.
- S.L., Mother of Lauren L., PCF Scholar

PCF has pushed me to my limits in order to better myself. A truly phenomenal organization.
- Marisol G., PCF Alum (UC Santa Cruz, 2010)

Peninsula College Fund is so much more than a non-profit—it has been a dream come true for its almost 100 scholars.... It is the most rewarding of all the volunteer work I have done.
- Kerry M., PCF Mentor

I feel very proud to be associated with an organization that focuses on closing the opportunity gap for our talented and inspiring college students.
- Mary C., Mentor and Board Member

Working with PCF and their scholars has been the highlight of my career. Please consider PCF in your future.
- Lorenzo G., PCF Mentor

They are successfully empowering students who need some assistance to achieve their dreams. I hope to volunteer and help PCF in many more ways. Kudos to PCF!!!
- Seema, Volunteer at PCF Career Success Day

PCF has outstanding results and are in the process of expanding to meet the growing demand for their program. I highly recommend this organization as a place to make considerable impact—whether as a mentor, a volunteer, board member or donor.
- C. Sakata, Volunteer

The Peninsula College Fund is an impressive example of a local organization that is helping promising low-income students achieve not only in college, but beyond, producing young people who are ready to build their careers and contribute to their communities.
- Community Supporter

Representing the Hispanic Foundation, I am honored to support a group whose goals align so closely to our vision of inspiring Hispanic families and children to achieve personal greatness.
- Ron Gonzales, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

First-generation college students face many barriers in their path to a college education. The Peninsula College Fund seeks to address these challenges comprehensively...Through its efforts, the Peninsula College Fund is taking a major step in transforming our community.
- Anna Takahashi, College Counselor, Eastside College Preparatory School

This is an amazing organization that has helped many students, including myself, continue their education and to develop into the great leaders of tomorrow.
- Francisco Betancourt, PCF Scholar

PCF is an exceptional organization for its mentors and students alike.
- Kate Lowry, PCF Volunteer Mentor

PCF is a fantastic resource that smiles on the world and empowers students to achieve their dreams.
- Ali Zidel Meyers, Executive Director, Meyers Learning Center