We sincerely appreciate the generosity of the foundations, corporations, and hundreds of individuals who support the Peninsula College Fund and our scholars.


"I learned of PCF through my dear friend Charlie Schmuck.  I know first-hand what a big and generous heart Charlie has, so I immediately wanted to learn more.  When he shared with me the details, and especially the incredible success rate, I knew that PCF was an organization with which my company and I would want to partner.  From our initial chat, our relationship has grown to a point where we have sponsored one student for four years and are sponsoring another student who’s making her way through her college years.  We also have provided summer internships to a number of PCF scholars and have encouraged our colleagues to become mentors.  I’m delighted that many of them have accepted the invitation to become mentors, including two of my daughters.

In searching for ways to increase our support, Charlie and I also came up with the idea of hosting an intimate golf tournament to raise more scholarships.  We started the PCF Invitational five years ago and raised two scholarships in our first year.  Through the generous participation of many of our friends, this year we raised nearly 10 scholarships – a record!

PCF is solving one of the most pressing challenges in our society – breaking the cycle of poverty through education that truly changes lives!  It’s an honor for my company and me to assist in some small way in advancing PCF’s mission."

Mike Blach, Chairman
Blach Construction

Sustaining Scholarship Circle

We gratefully acknowledge our Scholarship Circle donors  who make four-year commitments to support a scholar's journey through college.

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE ($6,000 + for 4 years) 
  • Anna Briggs
  • Aruna Bhamidipati and GD Ramkumar
  • B.J. and Isabel Cassin 
  • B.J. Cassin conservator for Robert Cassin 
  • Blach Construction 
  • Bonnie Tenenbaum 
  • Connie and Bob Lurie 
  • Dean Family Foundation 
  • Dean Witter Foundation 
  • Denise and Woody Shackleton 
  • Facebook 
  • Flegel’s Fine Furnture 
  • Guha Family Foundation 
  • Innovate Foundation 
  • Jay Paul Company 
  • John Sobrato 
  • Kristen Hughes and Tony Loeser 
  • Mary and Richard Haughey


  • Matt and Lisa Sonsini
  • Mike and Victoria Pope
  • Mudita Jain and Vineet Gupta
  • Myrtle Atkinson Foundation 
  • Nicole Ralston Chubb 
  • Peter and Leslie London 
  • Peter and Michelle Detkin 
  • Raj and Jaya Subramanian 
  • Ranzetta Family Fund
  • Rich and Carlee Brown 
  • Rotary Club of Menlo Park 
  • Sand Hill Scholar Fund
  • Sobrato Family Foundation 
  • Susan Bullis 
  • Susanne and Irving Grousbeck 
  • Terry and Kathy Duryea 
  • Tim and Patricia Daniels 
  • Tudor Family Fund
SCHOLAR CIRCLE ($3,000 + for 4 years)
  • Benefraim – Rodrigues Foundation 
  • Bisconti Family Foundation 
  • Charles Schaff 
  • Dodge & Cox
  • Ellen McNeil 
  • Gasparini-Beals Foundation 
  • Hopper-Dean Foundation 
  • Kathleen and Peter Muller 
  • Kyle Vogel 
  • Loretta Doon
  • Manuel and Maria Alba-Marquez 
  • Phil Bachler
  • Richard Nelson 
  • Ross Darwin
LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($1,000 + for 4 years)
  • Alan Marshall 
  • Alison Elliott and Steven Blank 
  • Alpio Barbara 
  • Angela and Patrick Fitzgerald 
  • Ann Blach 
  • Betsy and Sam Kais 
  • David Barca 
  • Evy Schiffman
  • Gail Schulze 
  • Jennifer and Greg Wolf 
  • Mark Cator 
  • Mary Lynn Tate
  •  Molly and Rick Fezell 
  • Monica Fox 
  • Nancy and Dave Heine 
  • Scott Rash 
  • Vivian Lufkin 
  • Winston and Katherine Jaeb
DONOR CIRCLE ($500 + for 4 years)
  • Alan Spiegelman 
  • Bonnie Addario 
  • Colleen Devlin 
  • Frank and Gayle Boitano
  • Ian and Elizabeth McDonald
  • Jo Benson 
  • Karen and Ed Canty  
  • Mary Cooper 
  • R. Marshall Burgamy 
  • Steven Foung, MD 
  • Tyler Needman 
Foundation Supporters
  • Atkinson Foundation
  • Dean Witter Foundation
  • Facebook Local Community Fund through Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
  • Innovate Foundation
  • The O'Donnell Foundation
  • Palo Alto Community Fund
  • Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund
  • Rotary Club of Menlo Park
  • Sand Hill Scholars Fund
  • Sand Hill Foundation
  • Shortino Family Foundation
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation-SVGives '16
  • Sobrato Family Foundation
  • Harvey L. and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation
  • Westly Foundation
  • Lantern League
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
Partner College Scholarship Supporters
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Mills College
  • Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Santa Clara University

We made every effort to create an accurate list of our donors. Please contact Natalie Walker,, for any errors or omissions, with our sincere regrets.