Impact Data

Since accepting our first freshman class in 2006, PCF has already changed the face of some of the Peninsula’s most challenged communities. Over 250 students have been part of the PCF program.

First-generation college students from low-income families face a high risk of not completing college. According to statistics from the Pell Institute*, nearly 47% of first-generation, low-income college students drop out of college within six years of enrollment, compared to only 23% of higher income, multi-generation college students.

PCF is turning the tide. Over 93% of PCF students have either graduated or are on track to graduate. Our program more than doubles the odds that low-income, first generation college students will graduate college.

 * Pell Institute Fact Sheet (December 14, 2011):  6-Year Degree Attainment Rates for Students Initially Enrolled in 4-Year Institutions.